Systematics 2017

Another year—another conference. This one is going to be huge! All the benefits of a larger meeting with a broader audience and more diverse presentations but retaining the collegiality and intimacy that you’ve come to expect of ASBS meetings.

Systematics 2017—Integrating Systematics for Conservation and Ecology is a joint meeting of the Australasian Systematic Botany Society, the Society of Australian Systematic Biologists, incorporating the Invertebrate Biodiversity and Conservation Biennial Meeting.

The meeting is to be held at the University of Adelaide, (26) 27–29 November and there is now an open call for suggestions and coordinators for themed symposia.

This will be the last communication from the ASBS 2016 website, please subscribe to the mailing list for Systematics 2017 at if you’re tempted to attend this year.

Hope to see you in Adelaide.