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9:00Welcome and Plenary Talk—A modern view on polyploidy: studies of Nicotiana section Suaveolentes by Mark Chase
10:40Morning Break
11:00Session 1: Problems and Systematics
It’s not the snake in the grass you should be wary of!John Clarkson
Nearly everything we thought we knew about Australian Plagiochilaceae is wrongMatt AM Renner
Archidendron, are the east and west really that different?Gillian Brown
The enigmatic and industrious Mr Schultz[e]Robyn Barker
13:20Session 2: Our Taxonomic Resources
Conservation genomics of Cycas calcicola (Cycadaceae) in AustraliaJames Clugston
State and future needs of New Zealand’s nationally important taxonomic collectionsIlse Breitwieser
Keys to the flora of the MacDonnell Ranges Bioregion of Central Australia: web enabling the MacFlora interactive keysIan Cowie
Mobile field data collection: redefining possibilitiesJoel Collins
ALA: what’s waiting in the wings?Ryonen Butcher
15:00Afternoon Break
15:30Session 3: Our taxonomic resources (continued)
The Australian Biological Resources Study—so where do we go to from here?Anthony Whalen
The eFlora platform—ready and waiting for a Flora near youKevin Thiele
17:10ASBS business meeting
free evening
9:00Nancy T. Burbidge Medal Presentation and Address
10:30Morning Break and poster session
11:00Session 4: Evaluating Biodiversity
Endemic areas and comparative biogeography of Australian plantsDaniel J Murphy
How well do today’s herbarium specimen data reflect the floristic diversity of a region?WR (Bill) Barker
Quantifying floristic beta-diversity of the Australian Wet Tropics using phylogenetic turnoverHugh Burley
Patterns of short range endemism in Top End Typhonium Schott illustrate the importance of taxonomic research to development planning and assessmentNicholas Cuff
Tiptoe through the tulips, a cultural history and phylogeny of Tulipa (Liliaceae)Maarten J M Christenhusz
13:40Session 5: Systematics, Time and Evolution
A Ripogonum look-alike from the Oligocene of New Zealand: a lesson in the importance of cuticleIsaac A Kerr
Reedia spathacea F.Muell.: a study of phylogeography, population structure and co-occurrenceJessica Bruce
Eremophila and tribe Myoporeae (Scrophulariaceae): phylogeny and biogeography based on high throughput sequencingRachael M Fowler
Hybridisation between native and invasive Carpobrotus N.E.Br. (Aizoaceae) in South Australia—molecular and morphological insightsEd Biffin
15:00Afternoon Break
15:30Session 6: Insights into Biodiversity
Rhamnaceae–where art thouJürgen Kellermann
Mitrasacme, morphology and the monsoon tropicsKerry Lynne Gibbons
Looking at the Big Pitcher: assessing the coevolution of Cephalotus follicularis and its associated wingless flyNick Kalfas
Evaluating the impact of genomic data and priors on Bayesian estimates of the angiosperm evolutionary timescaleCharles Foster
Would you like a new species and a fertile hybrid with that? Eucalyptus magnificata is not just an endangered speciesTimothy L. Collins
17:10Forum: Decadal Plan progress
18:00Conference Dinner
9:00Session 7: Systematics and Issues of Scale
Phylogenomics of seed plantsSarah Mathews
Using big data to answer large-scale questions in eucalypt systematics: analysis of chloroplast genomes does not support the monophyly of CorymbiaTanja M Schuster
Evolution of genome size in angiospermsMichael F. Fay
Taxonomy, plant-disperser interactions, diversification and biogeography of the genus Aglaia (Meliaceae)Caroline Pannell
Population variation in the seagrass Halophila ovalis (Hydrocharitaceae)Kristina Lemson
10:40Morning Break
11:00Session 8: New Taxonomic Resources and Systematic Studies
Building a key to all Australian flowering plants—70% and countingKevin Thiele
Flora NT—Northern Territory flora onlineDonna Lewis
My time as a ‘Kewite’Richard L. Boyne
Molecular phylogeny of Eriocaulon (Eriocaulaceae)Yu Ito
Implications for conservation in the Mount Compass Swamp Gum Eucalyptus paludicola based on genome wide markersKor-jent van Dijk
13:40Session 9: Systematics and Evolution of Species
Diverse origins and evolution of sexual expression in Australasian Malveae (Malvoideae, Malvaceae)Jennifer A Tate
The key problem in Eremochloa (Rottboelliinae: Poaceae)Melodina Fabillo
Are we splitting hairs? Resolving infrageneric relationships in the Australian Plectranthus (Lamiaceae)Trevor Wilson
Species delimitation in Southern Hemisphere bracteate-prostrate forget-me-nots (Myosotis, Boraginaceae) based on analyses of pollen and morphological dataHeidi Meudt
15:00Afternoon Break
15:30Conference handover and student awards
17:30Transport to Simpsons Gap BBQ